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Having graduated in interior architecture and design from the École Camondo in 2012, Emmanuelle Simon continued to devote herself to these two disciplines by starting her career off with Jean-Marie Massaud and Pierre Yovanovitch. These formative years gave her the opportunity to work on prestigious projects all around the globe, building experience in designing both public projects and private homes. After creating her own agency in 2017, she won the Public’s Prize at the Design Parade in Toulon with her ‘La Chambre sur l’eau’ (Bedroom on the water) project, and presented the Raku-Yaki cabinet-bar at Révélations at the Grand Palais. She is currently expanding the range with a collection of exceptional furniture and lighting. At the beginning of the year, she designed the first Paris base of the Franco-Japanese brand Evidens de Beauté, while also working on several projects of spa, shop and private apartments in Paris and Val d'Isère. In 2019, Emmanuelle Simon wins the Wallpaper* Design Award of the ‘Best Calm Spot’ for La Maison Evidens de Beauté and is part of the 100 designers of the year according to AD special issue.

Emmanuelle applies a global vision to her projects, from the architecture to individual objects. She considers all of her projects to be unique, giving them each a strong identity. For her customized furniture, designed with precision and according to high standards, she draws on the expertise of craftsmen who excel in their field. Her work is often inspired by the Art Deco style and wabi-sabi philosophy. These influences reflect Emmanuelle Simon’s aesthetic approach, where the raw nature of materials breathe a note of authenticity into the carefully-designed lines of the architecture. Cleverly accentuated by light, each volume is arranged in such a way as to reveal different perspectives thanks to subtle transitions, playing on the notion of experience, which is a key part of Emmanuelle Simon’s style. This refined sophistication does not override attention to detail, creating balance through its uniqueness.